Three useful websites for the students

Useful Websites For Students

Published at 2022-06-09
Category : مواقع إلكترونية
Tamara Hussien
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Many students usually look for useful websites that can help them in their studies and save their time and effort.

So, below are some websites that might help you as a student:

1- otranscribe

This site works on transforming the voice lectures and video records into written words.

That helps the people who record their lectures and write them later.


This site helps you prepare your reports, as you write the title of the subject and the site suggests you some articles about the title that you looked for. It contains articles in many languages (English, French, Germany, Spanish, Netherland, Chinese, Japanese, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Polish, Korean, Turkish)


This site contains a huge number of tables and charts that you can use when you summarize your lectures or lessons.